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Lucky Lady

girl finds ladybug

Animated in Blender with design work done in Illustrator. No rigging is used here, just parenting and rotating on pivot points. Shape keys are used on the eyelids and lips. The ladybird`s wings are scaled out of sight when it lands, and scaled back out again when it flies.

Tags: animation, 2d, cutout animation, blender, inkscape, ladybug, girl, video

Too Early - Paper Cut Art

Too Early - Paper Cut Art picture

When I designed this girl she clearly had an attitude... she may not be a morning person. There is a woven pattern in the background. Hand cut black paper, 8" x 10"

Tags: art, paper cut, girl, lady, scherenschnitte

Eve - Paper Cut Art

Eve - Paper Cut Art picture

Hand cut white paper over black background. Design features a woman's profile in a garden setting with leaves and blossoms. See Eve on

Tags: art, paper cut, lady, floral, girl,scherenschnitte

More music coming soon!