Decima - Sheet Music

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Here is the sheet music for Decima. I included some mordants, but you can use your own judgement about if you want them and where they should go!


Mermaid Hijinks

mermaid jumping

A mermaid leaps by a houseboat. Created with Blender, giffed by Qgifer.

Tags: mermaid, video, animation, Blender, houseboat, river, gif

Motion Demo with Shadeless Colors and Compositor Outlines

Blender motion test with compositor outlines

Tags: video, animation, blender, compositor

Puppy Jumping Animation

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Calico Duck


Unicorn Run Cycle


Lucky Lady

Baby Elephant

Girl Dancing


Daisy Walk Test

Gemma Motion Test 2D

Equine Running Test

Roboducks in Twilight

Unlikely Dinosaur

Unlikely Quadruped

RPM Challenge 2016 - New Tunes

Chanson Chicago

Summer Again - Alto Recorder Solo

Swan Boat - Alto Recorder Solo

Spotted Pony - Alto Recorder Solo


May Waltz

The Water is Wide

Callisto Waltz

Cosmos - Alto Recorder Solo

White Tulip - Alto Recorder

RPM Challenge Achieved

5 Reasons Why Papercutting is Great

Rose On Broken Trellis

Mermaid Articulated Paper Doll

Too Early - Paper Cut Art

Floral Design

Eve - Paper Cut Art

Bonnie Dune - Audio File

Princess with a Ball - Paper Cut Art

Red Crane - Paper Cut Art

Ivy Lady - Paper Cut Art

Home I Go - Sheet Music

Wooly Mammoth - Paper Cut

A Thousand Little Crowns - Sheet Music